IPLEX G Lite and IPLEX G Lite W

    IPLEX G Lite and IPLEX G Lite W


    IPLEX G Lite and IPLEX G Lite W


    IPLEX G Lite and IPLEX G Lite-W


    IPLEX G Lite Videoscope

    The Portable, Powerful Videoscope

    The IPLEX G Lite industrial videoscope packs powerful imaging capabilities into a small, rugged body. Lightweight and able to go almost anywhere, users working in challenging applications have a remote visual inspection tool with the image quality and ease of use to get the job done.

    IPLEX G Lite
    IPLEX G Lite
    IPLEX G Lite-W Videoscope for Wind Energy

    Better Wind Turbine Inspection

    If you’re inspecting in the cramped quarters of a wind tower nacelle, the wind version of the IPLEX G Lite videoscope’s combination of portability and powerful imaging features packed into a small body can make your job easier.

    Go Anywhere

    Ergonomically designed and weighing only 1.15 kg (2.5 pounds)/IPLEX G Lite and 1.16 kg (2.6 pounds/IPLEX G Lite-W, the videoscope can be carried to almost any job site and used comfortably.

    • Durable: Small but tough, the IPLEX G Lite/IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope is designed to meet IP65 standards and built to pass U.S. Department of Defense testing (MIL-STD)
    • Choose the right scope for the job: Choose from scopes measuring 2 m and 3.5 m long (4 mm/6 mm) and 10 m long (6 mm only)
    • Made to travel: The videoscope and its accessories fit neatly in a lightweight travel case small enough to fit under an airplane seat

    Go Anywhere

    True to Your Image

    If you’re tired of sacrificing portability for high-quality images, stop. The IPLEX G Lite and IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope packs many of the imaging features found on our larger videoscopes into a small, highly-portable instrument.

    • Bright illumination, reduced noise: The videoscope’s LED light source is twice as bright as the predecessor model (IPLEX UltraLite); alonglong with the new noise reduction algorithm, the IPLEX G Lite and IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope helps you locate problems and defects in dark areas
    • 60 frames per second (fps) video: Capture smooth videos with the videoscope’s high frame rate; if you are recording a moving object, you can obtain clear videos with no stutter
    • Flexible UV and IR lighting options: Detect invisible hairline cracks using ultraviolet (UV) illumination, and view objects in dark area using infrared (IR) illumination; the interchangeable LED light source expands the capabilities of the videoscope*
    • Powerful measurement at the touch of your finger: The videoscope is equipped with scalar measurement as a standard feature, enabling you to size objects using a reference defect; for more advanced functionality, upgrade to the stereo measurement option to size objects using precise three-dimensional coordinates

    *IPLEX G Lite only

    Fast and Easy

    The videoscope’s ergonomics and ruggedness are complemented by thoughtful features that help make your inspections fast and efficient.

    • Responsive joystick, precise movements: Responsive TrueFeel articulation enables you to control the scope’s tip with precise movement so that you can navigate to your target area quickly
    • Record still images and video simultaneously: With the push of a button, you can capture still images while recording a video
    • Bookmark: Add bookmarks to save time during video reviews and find critical moments quickly
    • Constant video: Never lose critical inspection recordings. The videoscope automatically records the last 30 minutes of your inspection even if you forget to press the record button
    • Stream inspection images: By using the recommended USB wireless LAN adaptor, images can be shared with colleagues using a tablet during the inspection. This helps make it easy to diagnose problems with the help of other inspectors

    Live streaming inspection

    Better Wind Turbine Inspection

    The IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope, the wind version of the IPLEX G Lite has features designed specifically for wind tower inspection, such as:

    • A sealed, oil-clearing tip adaptor to see more clearly in oily environments
    • Optics designed for wind tower gearbox inspections
    • 4 mm scope to fit into tight spaces
    • Bright LED guide tube*
    • Oil-resistant insertion tube coating, making it easy to clean


    Finish Inspections Faster

    The videoscope’s sealed, oil-clearing tip adaptor enables you to see more clearly in oily environments, like a gearbox. The sealed tip keeps oil from penetrating into the adaptor while the channels on the oil-clearing tip use capillary action to draw oil away from the lens. Now, you can spend less time removing the scope to clean oil off the tip for faster inspections.

    Designed to meet IP65 standards and built to pass U.S. Department of Defense testing (MIL-STD), the IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope is up to the challenge of working at height in a wind tower nacelle for maximum uptime. The insertion tube’s durable articulation mechanism helps protect the scope when inserting it in tight spaces where it can be easily damaged.

    Tailored for Wind Turbine Inspections

    Tailored for Wind Turbine Inspections

    Tailored for Wind Turbine Inspections

    Tailored for Wind Turbine Inspections

    The IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope has specially designed optics that balance the need to view areas of the wind turbine up close, such as bearings and gear teeth, as well as look for defects in large spaces while being small enough to fit into the space between the turbine’s bearings to look for damage.

    The optional LED guide tube is engineered for wind turbine inspection. Its ample illumination enables you to spot defects faster in large, dark spaces—like a gearbox—reducing the time needed to obtain good images. When you have tomaneuver, the semiflexible guide tube makes it easier for you to position it where you want to capture the images you need. Using just one hand, you can easily control the 4 mm scope and maneuver it to view difficult-to-reach areas of the gearbox.

    Easy to Carry, Easy to Clean

    Weighing only 1.16 kg (2.56 lb), the compact IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope is easy to transport to challenging locations, like the top of the nacelle. Using a commercially available magnetic hook and arm, you can position both the main unit and scope where it’s the most convenient. The ergonomic, handheld design and responsive touch screen enable you to use and control the videoscope while wearing gloves in the narrow confines of a nacelle.

    The scope’s smooth oil-resistant coating makes cleaning the videoscope simple. Even if oil has adhered to the insertion tube, it easily wipes off using a clean cloth, so you can pack up and get back to the office faster.

    Easy to Carry, Easy to Clean

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