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These external units provide illumination which is transmitted to the viewing instrument by a light guide cable, and then through the scope via the integral fiber bundle to the viewing tip.


UHP High Intensity Light Source ILP-2

Bright and compact
The ILP-2 light source has been specifically designed for large void inspections. Incorporating the latest UHP lamp technology it is now the brightest, most powerful light source ever produced by Olympus.

Note: Not available for the Small diameter borescopes. In use with the other rigid borescopes, connectable light guides differ depending on the rigid borescope models. Please ask our sales representatives for details.

Voltage 100-240 V AC/ 10-15 DC
Power consumption 100 W
Dimensions 166(W)×109(H) ×261(D) mm
Weight 2.9 kg



Featuring a long-life white LED, the LG-LSED-RVI light source is approx.100 times brighter than the ILK-7 halogen light source yet consumes about half the power. This low consumption model meets most industrial needs.

Voltage DC 24V
Power consumption 37W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 114 x 137 x 231 mm
Weight 2.45 kg
LED life time Approx. 60,000 hours

LED Light Source ILD-2

Directly competing with the high power halogen units in terms of brightness, but only using a fraction of the power - this light source provides a freedom of portability that only LED technology can offer. Coupled with the comprehensive range of scope adaptors available, this lightsource is the most versatile we have ever offered.

LED Light Source ILD-2
Power Supply ILD-C or Accessory Desktop PSU
Dimensions 81mm long x 38mm diameter
Weight 108 g
Run time 2.5 hours at full brightness from the ILD-C.
Colour Temperature 5500 K
LED Lifetime 90% 65,000 hours

LED Light Source ILD-3

The LED light source designed for the MK Modular Mini-scope gives superior brightness at reduced power consumption, and the greatly increased LED life offers lower long term cost and reduced environmental impact. With the use of adaptors it can be fitted to a range of scopes, giving our rigid borescopes or fiberscopes a unique portability.

LED Light Source ILD-3
Power Supply ILD-C or Accessory Desktop PSU
Dimensions 55mm long x 30mm diameter
Weight 65 g without CR123 battery
Run time 2 hours per battery or 8 hours at full brightness from the ILD-C.
Colour Temperature 6350 K
LED Lifetime 94.1% 6,000 hours


The ILD-C runs the ILD-2 or ILD-3 at their peak current, ensuring their brightest and safest performance, with no drop off over time. It also offers brightness control and prolonged run time from its rechargeable internal battery, negating the need for external power and providing a completely portable light source. The provided desktop power supply will charge the ILD-C at the same time as running the attached ILD-2 or ILD-3, offering continuous use.

Power Supply 9 to 19 VDC
Power consumption 38 W Max when charging
Dimensions 130mm x 90mm x 38mm
Weight 650 g

Connecting Scope Adaptors for ILD-2 and ILD-3

A range of adaptors to connect the compact light sources to our various rigid borescopes and fiberscopes.

Connecting Scope Adaptors for ILD-2 and ILD-3
Light Source ILD-2 ILD-3
Adapted Scopes via Connecting Scope Adaptors Standard Rigid Borescopes
Swing-Prism Borescopes
Zoom Swing-Prism Borescopes
Small Diameter Borescopes
Fiberscopes with Olympus Light Guides
Engine Borescopes  
Note: Adaptors connecting ILD-2 to rigid borescopes from other companies are also available. Note: MK Modular Mini-scopes are directly connectable to ILD-3.

Belt Clip and ILD-2 Holster

Available as accessories converting the ILD-C and ILD-2 into a portable light source system for our rigid borescopes and fiberscopes.

Belt Clip and ILD-2 Holster


Halogen Light Source ILK-7/ 7A/ 7B (This item is not available in all areas)

The ILK-7 range of light sources incorporates a 150W tungsten-halogen lamp offering features necessary to meet most industrial needs.

Voltage 100-120 VAC
115 VAC 400 Hz
100-240 VAC
115 VAC 400 Hz
11-15 VDC
100-240 VAC
115 VAC 400 Hz
Power consumption 190 W
Dimensions 178(W)×76(H) ×230(D) mm
Weight 2.3 kg

Long-life Halogen Light Source ILK-7C (This item is not available in all areas)

Refined for environmental resistance and long life, this model is suitable for use on production lines.

Voltage* 100-120 V AC
Power consumption 190 W
Dimensions 178(W)×76(H) ×230(D) mm
Weight 2.3 kg

*When voltage in your country is NOT 100-120V, a voltage transformer is required to provide optimal voltage that accommodates the specification of the optical device.

Significantly longer life
The life of this light source has been dramatically extended to an average 500 hours when 15V 150W lamps are used.

Improved environmental resistance
The circuit board is insulated with an encapsulating material that reduces the possibility of short-circuiting and improves atmospheric-resistance at the site.


UV Light Source (Recommended models are available from our sales representatives)

Powerful UV output makes it ideal for fluorescent testing.
A common non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for crack detection uses dye-penetrate. In this method, dye remains in the cracks after cleaning, which is then observed when it fluoresces under ultra-violet light.

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