Bump Testo ir Kalibravimo dujos

    Bump Testo ir Kalibravimo dujos

    Bump & Calibration Gas

    Crowcon Bump & Calibration Gas

    A range of accessories for all your portable and fixed gas detector needs

    With regulations driving tighter calibration routines and the requirement for daily bump testing, there is a real need for test gas. Gas detectors play a key part for people and plant safety so equipment cannot afford to be out of service.

    At Crowcon, we understand our customer's requirements. We now offer a full range of bump and calibration gas with a range of accessories for all your portable and fixed gas detector testing and calibration needs.

    We have gas distribution centres in the UK, mainland Europe, Singapore, UAE and North & South Ame
    rica, so it has never been easier to buy gas you require, ensuring your fleet of fixed and portable devices are compliant.


    Certificate of conformity - for peace of mind, full compliance and actual gas values are shown on the cylinder
    All cylinders come with Certificates of Analysis as standard - if you looses your certificate, Crowcon will have full traceability so we can get a copy of the certificate, giving you peace of mind.


    Long shelf life for reactive gases - more bump and calibrations from the cylinder before it expires, therefore cost effective and reduces waste
    Wid range of calibration gas - the convenience of having the gas you need to calibrate or bump test your flee

    User friendly

    Fast shipment times - you have the right gas when you need it, no down-time

    Clip with gas spray WEB


    Making bump testing easier
    Bump testing has always been a challenge for mobile users with the difficulties and cost of transporting gas and regulators. After listening to your needs, Crowcon have found a solution to make bump testing easier.
    Crowcon's Bump Gas Spray is a can that comes with a nozzle for easy testing of equipment. Simply attach the straw onto the nozzle and spray a small amount of gas into the unit's calibration cap. The unit will then go into alarm and show you that it is fully functional with audible and visual checks.


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