High-Quality Images for Clear Visualization Icon 01

    The IPLEX NX is engineered to deliver high-resolution images. Its reliable image quality enables users to clearly identify trouble spots and defective areas, so inspectors can make correct judgments about crucial systems and technologies.

    Exceptional Brightness and Impressive Images

    Exceptional Brightness and Image Quality 01

    View target areas clearer than ever before with IPLEX NX. A trio of enhancements - improved high-resolution CCD technology, intensely-bright laser diode illumination, and the innovative PulsarPic processor - achieve unprecedented image quality that is four times brighter than a conventional videoscope. Inspection targets are brightly illuminated even in large, wide spaces.

    Exceptional Brightness and Image Quality 02

    Noise Reduction (NR) Algorithm Control

    Image noise, such as false color, often occurs on glossy surfaces, and random noise in low luminance images can be an obstacle for strict inspections. The new PulsarPic system carries our latest Noise Reduction (NR) algorithm fine-tuned for the IPLEX NX to generate images with less noise for easier decision-making.

    Please click on the image to get the larger view.



    NR LOW

    NR LOW

    NR OFF

    NR OFF

    Large Touch-Screen Monitor

    A vivid 8.4-inch touch-screen monitor delivers clear, bright images that are readable in any light.

    Featuring an 8.4-inch screen, the largest in the IPLEX series, the IPLEX NX displays images that are 1.7 times larger than that of a conventional 6.5-inch monitor.

    Large Touch-screen Monitor 01

    Large Touch-screen Monitor 02

    Comparison of Image Sizes

    Excellent Image

    Scrutinize the subtlest defects in the darkest or most reflective places and over wide areas with clear, bright images. The IPLEX NX videoscope’s sophisticated technology means you get the highest quality images possible for fast and precise inspections.


    Conventional model (IPLEX FX)

    Exceptional Resolution
    Displays small faults

    Melted Material

    Melted Material - IPLEX NX

    Melted Material - Traditional Videoscope

    Outstanding Brightness
    Lights large cavities


    Turbine - IPLEX NX

    Turbine - Traditional Videoscope

    Realistic Color Reproduction
    Delivers vivid details


    Welding - IPLEX NX

    Welding - Traditional Videoscope

    Advanced Noise Reduction
    Refines busy images

    Combustion Chamber

    Combustion Chamber - IPLEX NX

    Combustion Chamber - Traditional Videoscope

    Expanded Measurement Capabilities Icon 02

    The IPLEX NX is designed to make precise 3D measurements. Put Olympus’ advanced videoscope technology to work to get inspections that are precise and efficient.

    Super Wide Field Stereo Measurement

    Stereo Measurement measures the size or depth of defects such as cracks found during inspection. The redesigned optical system and enhanced technology achieve a dramatic expansion in the inspection area. Users can now identify and measure flaws from 2X further away in an inspection area 4X larger than conventional videoscopes. Stereo Measurement supplies 3D space information for specific points in an image through precise triangulation, providing accurate length, depth, and shape measurements. The IPLEX NX is designed, manufactured, and fine-tuned to deliver superior accuracy and image quality so inspectors can detect small cracks or defects that were previously measurable only at very close range.

    * When contrasted with conventional φ6.0 mm scope model with a direct-viewing stereo optical adaptor.

    Super Wide Field Stereo Measurement 01

    Super Wide Field Stereo Measurement 02

    IPLEX NX extended measurement area (left) can measure previously non-measurable types of defects (right)

    Super Wide Field Stereo Measurement 03

    Larger inspection area makes it easier to observe larger defects.
    * Even if the measurement is performed from the twice apart distance, IPLEX NX is as precise as a conventional model.
    ** In case of using φ6.0mm scope with direct-viewing stereo optical adapter, the diagonal length of the inspection area of IPLEX NX is almost 4 times of the conventional model.
    Note: Actual viewing angle is wider than shown in this illustration.

    Scaler Measurement 

    The scaler measurement function can be performed without replacing the tip adapter. Simply define a reference line to use the scaler measurement.

    First, select and specify a known length to set it as the reference.Select two points to measure the distance.

    First, select and specify a known length to set it as the reference.

    Select two points to measure the distance.

    Multi Spot-Ranging

    The IPLEX NX features a unique multi Spot-Ranging function, enabling real-time measurement of the distance from the scope tip to multiple points on the inspection surface. This provides real-time surface shape information with no pause or break in the inspection.

    Multi Spot-Ranging

    Improved Inspection Efficiency Icon 03

    The IPLEX NX is simple to operate and user friendly. Even during long inspections, the NX delivers user comfort and excellent maneuverability, thanks to interchangeable scope units and TrueFeel scope tip articulation.

    Multi-Position Design

    The IPLEX NX can be configured six different ways to maximize user comfort. The touch-screen monitor can be positioned to maintain comfort when using the IPLEX NX in different environments. The monitor can even be detached from the main unit for added flexibility and convenience. Use the optional handheld remote controller for the utmost light and tactile control.

    Multi-form factor

    1.Bar top Style, 2.Up right Style, 3.Compact Style, 4.Flat Style, 5.Separate Style, 6.Case top Style

    Fine Mode Speed 


    Articulation speed can be fine tuned by choosing from three steps in fine mode.



    A newly employed electric motor further enhances TrueFeel operation, achieving rapid and responsive movement. Inspectors can easily control the scope through lightweight, comfortable operation that lessens user fatigue.  

    Icon 04

    The Durable Tapered Flex Insertion Tube

    The durable Tapared Flex insertion tube

    Tapered Flex insertion tube combines superb maneuverability with optimized rigidity and flexibility for smooth scope insertion, enabling you to reach target areas quickly and easily.  Insertion tubes feature four layer construction with a tungsten outer braid for durability and resilience.

    Icon 05

    Interchangeable Scope Units

    Interchangeable scope units

    Pick the right one to fit the job. A single NX videoscope can be configured for varied inspections, with 6.0 mm scopes ranging in length from 3.5 m to 7.5 m and 4.0 mm scopes with lengths of 3.5 m and 5 m.

    The Ghost Image Function

    Ghost Image enables inspectors to compare live images with images stored on the videoscope to contrast past and present conditions. This function makes it easier to monitor changes in components over time.

    InHelp Inspection Assist Software

    InHelp Inspection Assist Software 01

    InHelp inspection assist software simplifies data input and management, improving efficiency, simplifying inspections, and organizing stored images. Optional data sets provide a structure to manage your images.

    InHelp Inspection Assist Software 02

    InHelp inspection assist software (for reporting) makes your routine work simple and easy. With optional report templates matched to data sets, you can generate detailed reports with a few clicks.

    Image sharing (optional)

    Wi-Fi Function

    Wireless-LAN connectivity enable multiple experts to monitor remote procedures at the same time by using an SD card equipped with commercially available wireless LAN, enhancing analysis speed and inspection accuracy. 

    *Confirmed with Toshiba FlashAirWireless LAN SD card(operability confirmed)


    HD RVI Has Arrived

    The Expert's Choice for Visual Inspection

    The IPLEX NX videoscope combines our highest-quality images with an intuitive user interface, ergonomic design, and durability for efficient inspection in nearly any environment.

    Its clear, bright images and powerful measurement features are built to exceed expectations.

    Experience IPLEX NX

    HD RVI Has Arrived The Expert’s Choice for Visual Inspection

    Measure with Confidence Using 3D Modeling

    Choosing the right measurement point is now even easier.
    3D modeling enables you to see the details of what you’re inspecting from multiple angles, making it easier to specify the exact location of your measurement points.

    Instant Confirmation of Measurement Object

    Instantly Confirm
    Measurement Objects

    • 3D modeling enables you to clearly see the shape and complexity of your target
    • Precisely designate your measurement points for faster inspections
    • Choose the right points the first time to minimize the need to re-measure

    Set Reference Lines
    Where You Want Them

    • 3D images facilitate reliable reference lines on difficult components, such as the edge of a turbine blade
    • Reduce the chance of misalignment
    Increase Depth Measurement Confidence with Plane Visualization

    Make Confident
    Depth Measurements

    • Confirming the reference plane is intuitive
    • Specify your measurement points with confidence for reliable depth measurements

    Watch 3D Modeling Video

    Our Highest Quality Images

    The IPLEX NX videoscope delivers crisp, high-resolution images.
    Its reliable image quality increases your probability of detection, helping you make clear decisions
    and maintain crucial systems.

    See Clearly

    See Clearly

    Exceptional image clarity enables you to see tiny defects in stunning detail.

    See More

    See More

    Laser diode illumination system is up to 4 times brighter than conventional videoscopes.

    Expanded Measurement Capabilities

    Easy-to-use advanced stereo measurement offers expanded coverage for fast, efficient inspections.



    See the
    Big Picture

    • Super wide stereo measurement increases the measurable area by 4x* as compared to a conventional model
    • Easily measure the distance of a crack in a combustion chamber or a defect in the blade root

    *When contrasted with a conventional 6.0 mm diameter scope with a direct viewing stereo optical adaptor.


    Convenient Scalar Measurement

    • Simply define a reference line to use scalar measurement without changing the tip adaptor


    Real-time Measurement with
    Multi Spot-Ranging

    • The unique Multi Spot-Ranging function enables real-time measurement of the distance from the scope tip to multiple points on the inspection surface
    • Get real-time surface shape information without stopping the inspection

    Large Touch-Screen Monitor

    Vivid touch-screen delivers clear, bright images for excellent visibility in a range of lighting conditions.

    <img class="lozad noresize" data-src="https://static5.olympus-ims.com/data/Image/IPLEX-NX/product_iplex-nx_overview_large-touch-screen3.jpg?rev=44B4" alt="HD RVI Has Arrived The Expert’s Choice for Visual Inspection"
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