Olympus Solutions for Automotive

The safety and reliability of automobiles rest, in part, on the quality of the materials received from third-party manufacturers as well as the quality of the final assembly.

A variety of inspection solutions are used throughout the automobile manufacturing process to help ensure that machined components, like transmissions, are free of damaging contaminants, to look inside difficult-to-access components for imperfections that can impact performance, and to check the integrity of adhesive bonds and welded seams. This kind of rigorous inspection program is an essential contributor to automobile safety and reliability.

ndt-edgeform-industry.jpg?rev=4AB3NDT Bond Seam Inspection with the EdgeFORM™ ScannerVanta_Metal_J.jpg?rev=680EVanta™ Handheld XRF for Manufacturing QA/QCIPLEX-GX_Applications_02-cl2.jpg?rev=50FIPLEX™ GX/GT for Manufacturing Inspectionmeasurementsolution.gif?rev=6E25Measurement Solutions—Discover Our Portfolio358x239p179x120.gifTechnical Cleanliness for Emobility—Analyze
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