TQC SHEEN Colorbox color assessment...

    TQC SHEEN Colorbox color assessment cabinet, 60cm 5 light sources with 45° table

    TQC SHEEN Colorbox color assessment cabinet
    Multi Source Viewing System for the Inspection and Colour Matching of Inks, Paints, Plastics, Cosmetics, Textiles, Knitwear, Leather, Food, Paper, Colorants, and other coloured materials.TQC Colorboxes offer a extensive range of illumination conditions for any visual inspection. The multiple selectable light sources allow assessment of gloss, structure, damages and metamerism. The Colorboxes are available in 60 and 120 cm width. All are supplied with removable viewing table and runtime counter. Both interior and exterior are finished to the highest quality standard. The ability to switch between light sources without flickering makes the cabinet extremely stable. TQC Colorboxes are equipped with a 110V / 220V switch.Features Lamp timer to track aging of each individual Light Source and total operating hours of the ColorBox. Standard supplied with five different light sources Several light sources may be activated at the same time UV light to detect and observe optical brighteners, whitening agents or fluorescent pigments. Standard supplied with 45° tilted table in Munsell N5,5 Gray. Meets ISO 3664 and ASTM D1729 Specifications VF0600 Light sourcesArtificial Daylight D65 Fluorescent (ISO 3668) 2 X 18W 6500K Department store light TL84 Fluorescent 2 X 18W 4000K Home Light Incandescent A 4 X 40W 2700K Ultraviolet Light 1 X 18W 365nm Artificial Daylight D5000 Fluorescent (ISO 3664) 2 X 18W 5000K
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