PIR uc 25

Thermographic camera PIR uc 25

Uncooled thermographic camera for industrial use

  • Compact thermal camera module with uncooled FPA sensor in long-wave spectral range for visualisation and industry testing purposes
  • Digital signal processing algorithms for image enhancement
  • Remote-controlled by RS232 or RS 485, standard video PAL output (bk/wh)

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InfraTec mobileIR E4

Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E4

InfraTec mobileIR E4 is a low-priced, efficient and completely equipped thermographic camera. This robust and very handy high-tech system convinces with its intuitively learnable handling and user-friendly single hand operation.

  • Single hand operation, intuitive and self-explanatory
  • Image merging – direct overlay of infrared and visual image
  • Operating time for more than 3 hours

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VarioCAM® hr research 600

Infrared camera VarioCAM® hr research 600 Series

Uncooled thermal imaging infrared camera systems for highest demands

  • Highest measuring precision of 1 %
  • Changeable lenses with objective recognition for flexibility
  • Thermal resolution of just a few hundredths of Kelvin
  • Automated recording for rapid sequences

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PIR uc 180

Thermographic camera PIR uc 180

Radiometerised thermographic camera for online-application

  • Robust low-weight metal housing, high degree of protection (IP 65)
    designed for universal application
  • Available interchangeable lenses (wide-angle lans, telephoto lens), close-up function for very small objects to be measured

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VarioCAM ® hr research 700

Infrared camera VarioCAM® hr research 700 Series

Highest resolution for inspection purposes throughout the world

  • Geometric resolution of (1,280 x 960) infrared pixels helps to avoid measuring errors
  • Precision calibration for highest and stable thermal resolution
  • Quickly parameterizable acquisition and analysing interface
  • Wide temperature measuring range from (-40 ... 1,200) °C

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Infrared Thermal Imager SRU160A

Infrared Thermal Imager SRU160A

  • Thermal Sensitivity (NETD): 0.05 @ 30° C
  • Range 1: -20° C to 250° C 
  • Accuracy: ± 2 ° C or 2% 
  • Water and dust resistant: IP54 

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VarioCAM ® hr research 400

Infrared camera  VarioCAM® hr research 400 Series

Universal application for multipurpose thermography use

  • More than 40% additional pixels than in comparison with (384 x 288) IR-Pixel cameras
  • Secure inspection in rough environments due to light metal housing and protection grade IP 54
  • Take advantage of the flexibility this infrared camera offers for all your applications

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ImageIR ® 8300 Series

Infrared camera ImageIR® 8300 Series

The GT of the cooled infrared camera systems

  • Snap-shot detector for precise image acquisition at frame rate of up to 2.5 kHz
  • Detection of smallest details with detector of (640 x 512) infrared pixels
  • High thermal resolution better than 20 mK for precision measurements

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VarioVIEW™ 75

Thermal camera VarioVIEW 75

A multivalent tool for all kinds of daily operations by homeland security forces.

  • Person detection up to 2.7 km, vehicle detection up to 5.6 km and higher
  • A maximum of spatial resolution by utilizing uncooled, European (640x480) pixel detector
  • Unsurpassed simple user interface
  • Maintenance-free permanent operation possible

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ImageIR ® 5300 Series

Infrared camera ImageIR® 5380 

The fast stationary thermal camera for precise and spectral thermography


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