Cost Reduction


Powerful and innovative testing media offer cost reduction in many areas in the supply chain – not only to the purchasing department.

The following process- and cost benefits apply to existing testing equipment, which lead to enormous savings of current costs. If you are about to plan a new testing system, you can reduce your investment costs beforehand by respecting technical system details.

Waste water, incurring at the penetrant removing step, mixed with our readily biodegradable penetrants PFINDER APENOL® can be drained directly into sewage without any pre-treatment (after approval by local authorities).

This means cost cuts:
-Investment for waste water pre-treatment (ultrafiltration, evaporator, active carbon filters etc.) 
-Disposal (loaded active carbon, retentat containing mineral oils) 
-Current costs (high current consumption by treatment pumps)
-Maintaince costs and replacement parts

These advantages are shown daily at serial application sites at Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and numerous founderies and forges of the (supplier) industries.

Advantages for running systems as well as for new projects
These advantages can be directly realised at the moment of planning a new testing line, since investment costs drop for the treatment of waste water. Cost examples:

-Active Carbon Filters: > 10.000 Euro 
-Ultrafiltration: > 50.000 Euro 
-Evaporators: > 100.000 Euro

Due to extensive current costs the change is profitable at existing testing lines as well. Cost savings of more than 10.000 Euro per year can be achieved easily in small scale testing. Current costs of more than 100.000 Euro per year are saved often in serial application sites.

Wet Developer – without oven
Depending on character and geometry of the material to be tested the use of our wet developer concentrate can offer advantages: Suspended or solved in water and having a temperature of 60-70°C (explicitly possible due to adjustment to the penetrant) developer film dries without use of an additional drying step.
Please, do not hesitate to ask us: We would be pleased to analyse your process to determine potentials of cost reductions.